Introduction to TCM

Basics of TCM

  • Yin-Yang | Five Elements

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Horn铆 materi谩l: s铆钮ovina a syntetick谩
Hydroizolace: L茅膷ba krevn铆ch st艡ev
Uzav艡en铆: pro拧铆van谩
Mezipode拧ev: TechLite EVA
Jedin媒: Omni-Grip kau膷uk s ost艡iknut铆m holic铆ho strojku
Zang-Fu Theories

  • Zang Organs | Fu Organs

Classification of Antineoplastic Herbal Medicines

Characteristics of Herbal Medicines


  • By Auscultation & Olfaction
  • By Inspection


Theories of Channels (Meridians) and Collaterals

Reference: A Modern View of the Immune System

Differentiation of Syndromes

  • 8 Principles | 6 Channels 4 Stages
  • Syndromes of Zang-Fu Organs


  • Exogenous | Pestilential | Emotional
  • Pathogenic Factors

Materia Medica

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Positive word-of-mouth since 1995 Welcome to!  First published in January 1995 (which was over 15 years ago), this Web site was previously known as the "Wyith R. Cheng's TCM Pages". and has been recommended by many as one of the most comprehensive sources of information for traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Just as the editors of The UK Journal of Chinese Medicine commented in their September 1997 issue, "Although this site is maintained by people who are not practitioners of Chinese Medicine, it's a very good and comprehensive site on all topics of Chinese Medicine. It contains extensive descriptions of the fundamental theories, but also some articles on antineoplastic herbal medicines and the immune system. Several beautiful colour illustrations are included. Quality: Very good site, especially for patients of Chinese Medicine, written by Wyith R. Cheng & Associates."

In fact, has been referenced or listed as a reference site by a number of universities and academic institutions as one of the sources of TCM information, including: