Introduction to TCM

Basics of TCM

  • Yin-Yang | Five Elements

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Zang-Fu Theories

  • Zang Organs | Fu Organs

Classification of Antineoplastic Herbal Medicines

Characteristics of Herbal Medicines


  • By Auscultation & Olfaction
  • By Inspection


Theories of Channels (Meridians) and Collaterals

Reference: A Modern View of the Immune System

Differentiation of Syndromes

  • 8 Principles | 6 Channels 4 Stages
  • Syndromes of Zang-Fu Organs


  • Exogenous | Pestilential | Emotional
  • Pathogenic Factors

Materia Medica

Donald 膶ern谩 J B06XT2GGD1 Pliner P谩nsk谩 obuv P谩nsk谩 Enrico Chelsea 膶ern谩 e48e457 -

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